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A Better Alternative to Outsourcing

When companies search for ways to cut costs, a familiar term that comes up frequently is “outsourcing.” This term can apply to many types of industries and individual positions, ranging from tech support to executive assistants.

What are these businesses actually getting when they sign up to have their calls or invoicing handled through outsourcing? While some companies love it, many find that their cut in costs also lowers quality standards resulting from a different time zone, language barriers, or incomparable office space in a different country. Consequently, their customers also suffer, creating more trouble for the original company.

For US companies that want to shave off a few expenditures while still maintaining the service that their clients expect, they should consider nearshoring with Remote Team Solutions. What makes nearshoring in La Laguna, Mexico any different from outsourcing?


In La Laguna, Mexico, just 350 miles south of the Texas border, English is the second language. That means no telltale awkward phrasing when your workers who are operating out of our offices speak with clients or write documents for your company. Providing seamless support from another location is of the utmost importance in client care.

Having a remote team that speaks the same language is also excellent for training purposes. Your business won’t have to invest in translating standard operational procedures to ensure that customers get the service that they are used to when dealing with your on-site staff.



What makes a remote team in Mexico any different from outsourced employees in other countries that are further away? For starters, La Laguna, Mexico, operates on Central Standard Time. Having a remote team that is running either on the same time as or within an hour or two of your office hours means better communication and smoother operations. When a team is on the opposite side of the globe, it can result in a 24-hour lag in productivity. Again, this is not the service that your customers expect or deserve. Keep your quality high by providing timely solutions.


Additionally, La Laguna “is considered as one of the top 5 educational hubs in Mexico.” That means Remote Team Solutions has access to some of the top scholars in various fields. Set your company apart in your respective industry by acquiring quality and knowledgeable staff on- and off-site. Whether you’re looking for an expert in technology, a virtual legal assistant, or even remote engineers, we can find the staff your business needs.

Finally, a glaring distinction between outsourcing and employing a nearshore staff means that your company still has control. In several instances with outsourcing, the work is completed using the policies and protocols of others, with the only major requirement being that it gets done. Remote Team Solutions puts the control back in your hands, providing additional employees for your company instead of a second business that operates outside of yours. This significant difference can help you maintain a constant and consistent level of quality and a similar operating system across the board. After all, it is your name on the bottom line.

Look at other benefits that come with working in conjunction with Remote Team Solutions to find answers for your staffing needs. Visit the site and contact us with any questions you may have today!

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