Contribute to the success of great companies by building their best remote teams; while making our clients and their team part of the RTS Family.

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Empowering Growth, Together: Your Premium Nearshore Staffing Partner in Mexico

At Remote Team Solutions (RTS), our steadfast dedication to your success drives us to transcend traditional staffing approaches. We don’t just fill positions: We empower individuals and align our service with your business goals. We contribute to your success by building your ideal remote team and integrating both you and your team into the RTS family.

Our commitment to enhancing individuals’ lives, fostering professional development, and seeing our clients grow lies at the heart of everything we do. Choose RTS for a partnership focused on understanding your needs and accelerating your growth. At RTS, your success is our mission.

Our Driving Force: Exceeding Expectations, Fostering Growth

RTS is driven by two goals: exceeding client expectations and making a meaningful impact in our community through exceptional employment opportunities. We thrive on seeing our clients and their remote teams, affectionately known as “Remoties,” succeed and grow together.

To meet our goal of redefining the staff outsourcing, offshore staffing, and business process outsourcing industry, we are committed to ensuring high quality standards and fostering a collaborative and supportive workplace. Our primary focus is on forming partnerships with clients who consider their remote staff integral to their on-site teams, thus embodying our philosophy of mutual growth: Your business’s success is our success.

shutterstock_1919510075 Pedro Barboglio-min
Pedro Barboglio Murra CEO RTS
Founder and CEO
Remote Team Solutions
Pedro Barboglio Murra CEO RTS
Founder and CEO
Remote Team Solutions

Our Founding Story: A Legacy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

RTS was born from a century-long legacy of entrepreneurship. Our Founder and CEO, Pedro Barboglio, drew from his family’s rich business history and identified a unique market need in 2012: While leading the USA expansion of Comal Foods in Austin, Texas, he encountered a client looking to build a team in Mexico. This choice was driven by the proximity, cultural similarities, and shared time zone advantages of Mexico as well as his desire to develop a firm in which his team was treated well while capitalizing on Mexico’s talent and cost benefits.

Pedro searched for such a firm and found that they did not exist. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to meet this emerging need, Pedro took it upon himself to fulfill this request, hosting the client’s staff within his offices. The service was rooted in the principles of partnership, quality, and valuing people. As the success of this arrangement became evident, more friends and business partners approached Pedro for similar solutions. In 2019, recognizing the potential for a broader impact, Pedro decided to step down as VP of Comal Foods to establish RTS. His vision was to forge a company that is deeply committed to people, treats clients as partners, and offers unparalleled staffing quality. RTS has realized this vision: it is dedicated to contributing to the success of great companies by building the most effective remote teams while integrating our clients and their teams into the RTS family.

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99 of Remote Team Solutions employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor

Our Core Values:
The Pillars of Our Success

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Experience the RTS advantage, where your team’s success harmonizes with your company’s culture.

Exemplary Retention Rates and Stellar Reviews: A Testament to Our Quality

RTS’s excellence is exemplified by our remarkable retention rates: over 95% for staff and 98% for clients. This reflects the trust and satisfaction our clients have in our services.

Our commitment to quality is also apparent in our reviews on platforms such as Google, Upwork, and Clutch, the majority of which are five-star ratings. Our team’s satisfaction is equally high: We have a score of 4.9 on Glassdoor, with 98% of the reviews confirming that RTS is a great place to work.

These figures not only demonstrate the quality of our service but also our ability to maintain a positive and dynamic work environment.

A Year Full of Engaging Events: Keeping Our Remoties Inspired

Our HR team organizes diverse events year-round to boost the relaxation, happiness, and motivation of our Remoties. From team-building and cultural celebrations to professional development, our events enhance Remoties’ work–life balance and create a vibrant, supportive environment in which every team member feels valued and connected.

Commitment to Community and Environment: RTS’s Ethos of Giving Back

RTS is deeply committed to positively impacting both our community and the environment. We are involved in community initiatives, including supporting local charities, which allows us to uplift and empower those around us. Moreover, our dedication to environmental sustainability is demonstrated by the installation of solar panels in our facilities, which reflects our commitment to a greener future.
These efforts are central to RTS’s ethos, in that we are continually seeking ways to give back and foster a better world for everyone.

RTS: Making Headlines and Setting Industry Standards

RTS’s innovative approach to staffing solutions has not only redefined the industry but also garnered widespread acclaim: We’re proud to have received over 50 prestigious awards and been featured in leading publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur, The Staffing Stream, confirming our status as an industry leader and pioneer in staffing solutions.

The following media outlets have covered our unique impact:

These accolades and this praise underscore our unwavering dedication to transforming staffing solutions and our deep commitment to ensuring the success of both our clients and their teams.

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Choose RTS for a partnership that understands your objectives, minimizes risks, and propels your growth. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step toward transformative staffing solutions.

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