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Can Nearshore Talent Give You a Talent Acquisition Edge?

As the calendar changes to 2022, HR departments across the country begin to look at how they can fill specific voids on their teams. From engineering vacancies, understaffed IT departments, remote executive assistants, and more, finding the top talent available to fill these positions has only gotten tougher. With competition for the top domestic tech talent increasing, human resources need an alternative means of finding qualified candidates for their open positions.

Finding the right cultural fit in the current domestic talent pool can take longer than expected for a traditional talent acquisition strategy. HR departments can open up the kind of job seekers they can find by going outside the United States with the help of nearshore outsourcing for specific positions within their company. Here are some of the benefits of adopting a nearshore talent acquisition strategy for your current openings.


Stay Within the Same Time Zones


When outsourcing tech talent, you tend to face various scheduling issues involved with working across different disparate time zones. With the home office operating hours behind or ahead of the outsourced staff, it can prove difficult to coordinate team efforts and schedule meetings that are beneficial for everyone. Nearshore talent helps mitigate these issues thanks to being in similar time zones.

As nearshore teams find qualified candidates for these open positions across Latin America, home offices don’t have to worry about coordinating with teams across vastly different time zones. You can schedule meetings with your nearshore locations that won’t have one half of the team meeting in late hours while the other half is just waking up.


Exemplary Candidate Experience


Finding long-term fits for your open positions revolves around finding the perfect combination of culture fit and getting experienced candidates for your needs. With the current domestic talent shortage, finding these candidates means you have to fight with other companies to woo these workers to your positions, and it can quickly become a daunting task. That’s where a nearshoring company like Remote Team Solutions can help.

We vet and interview qualified candidates throughout Mexico to find candidates with the experience you need to fill these positions. We work with you throughout the hiring process to find candidates with the perfect combination of experience and culture fit for your team.


Scale Your Teams as Needed


When you start building out new teams for your company, properly scaling the team based on your needs and success can prove challenging. As your needs evolve and call for bringing in new talent to meet the growing demand, you want to be sure you are finding qualified workers that can adequately support your existing team. Nearshore talent allows you to scale your needs as you see fit.

Since the challenge remains to find the right talent to fill the open positions, you need a nearshore company that can find you the people you need to fill these spots. The right nearshore company can help provide you with a steady stream of qualified talent that helps make scaling your teams a streamlined process.


Let Remote Team Solutions Help Your Talent Acquisition Team!


Choosing the right nearshore staffing company can make or break your talent acquisition strategy for 2022. With our proven track record in finding qualified candidates for a wide range of positions, Remote Team Solutions has provided companies with a steady supply of talent to help their businesses continue to grow.

Contact our team to start the process for hiring remote legal assistants and other positions for your teams today!

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