When you decide that the time has come for your company to expand operations and augment the staff with outsourced development teams, you have to choose where to recruit these remote workers. Using an outsourcing firm can give you access to a wealth of talent. However, the lack of geographic proximity may hinder your overall success before you even begin.

The danger of going with an outsourced team lies in the potential cultural differences, drastic time zone changes, and the potential communication breakdowns that come with trying to coordinate teams across multiple time zones. Companies that still need to supplement their in-house talent with remote technology support should consider nearshore options, as they can provide similar benefits to outsourced remote employees with the added bonus of working within similar time zones.

Proximity Matters

Coordinating with teams across multiple cultures and time zones can quickly present companies with numerous headaches and scheduling conflicts that need immediate attention. However, with a nearshore team, you gain access to a group of remote professional employees that have close geographic proximity to the United States. With staffing solutions provided by Remote Team Solutions now, you can rest assured that your nearshore team can address any issues that may come up in a timely fashion.

Standard Time Zones

With outsourcing your teams, your in-house team has to coordinate with your outsourced team and figure out when the times are close enough not to inconvenience members from either team. Rarely does this happen, and you have one team up until the late hours or another getting up exceedingly early to connect in a video conference.

With a nearshore team, you only have to worry about coordinating around local time for your meetings. The remote work done by your nearshore team can be shared with your in-house team, and you have video conferencing abilities through platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom to discuss any issues without completely disrupting every team member’s daily routines.

Similar Culture, Fewer Chances of Miscommunication

As your outsourced team attempts to integrate with your in-house workers, the cultural differences can make relating to each other a challenge in ways you may not have anticipated. With a nearshore team, the other country’s proximity allows you to recruit from a neighboring country that shares key cultural similarities that can bridge the gap between your remote and in-house employees more effectively than previously hoped.

The cultural similarities can help immensely with setting expectations across your team members. A nearshore team has a similar work ethic, working habits, and similar work week expectations that they can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.

Working with a nearshore team from a nearby country within the same time zone map can help boost your team’s overall productivity and help you meet crucial deadlines. Finding the right talent in La Laguna, Mexico, with the help of Remote Team Solutions provides you with access to a robust talent pool that can meet your diverse needs.

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