Remote Team Offers Empowering Virtual Staffing Solutions to Help Businesses Start and Scale their Operations, Shares CEO Murra

Remote Team Solutions is a renowned IT company offering offshore staffing solutions, including BPO and Global Business Services. The company was founded in 2015, with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Remote Team focuses on offering virtual team solutions for various businesses worldwide. The team provides extraordinary assistance in hiring experts for itsB2B (Business to Business) clients. Be it in terms of  administrative support,  team transition, or for that matter hiring the entire virtual team, the company is well-equipped to offer all kinds of remote solutions.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Pedro A. Barboglio Murra, the CEO at Remote Team Solutions, to learn more about the company and its  values.

Talking about the pool of professional staffing solutions the company provides, Murra shares that his staffing experts are determined to recruit the best-talented people. The team is passionate about hiring and possesses a professional approach to hiring professionals for multiple domains, including invoice and executive assistants, legal assistants, engineers & designers, and other tech positions.

He further added that the company provides employee management, recruiting, and human resource functions to help their clients start, scale, and run their virtual teams. Pedro oversees the strategy part to ensure the client is satisfied with the support services and project results.

All this hard work and efforts have paid off as today Remote Team Solutions is USA’s most sought-after firm in recruiting services. Before establishing the company, he was involved in his family businesses. And it was during that time the idea of helping their existing clients with offshoring staffing solutions took root as he found out that many companies require dedicated team members to manage business projects efficiently. .

The company has handled numerous recruiting projects on a global scale since then. During those processes, he also found that each client has different requirements. For instance some need the same time zone, and for some culture is paramount, and several demand top-graded employees across the globe. He talked about virtual team service, which is highly recommended for companies during crises; as they do not need to fly and waste 10 to 15 hours if the virtual Team is available.

Murra also spoke about their business model, which consists of an in-house team and how it facilitates hired staff to meet their future employers in Mexico; the company  has recently extended its branch office, including HR, IT, and talent development departments.

The company adds value to its client’s businesses by choosing the right talent for them. They choose a suitable profile according to the client’s needs, including qualification, experience, and the necessary soft skills.

The company’s client retention rate is 99% for various sizes of businesses. The industries include advertising & marketing, business services, consumer products, designing, information technology, media, productivity, real estate, startups, and utilities. Regarding the company’s capabilities, Murra mentions that Remote Team provides dedicated creative experts who help clients find the most appropriate candidates per the requirements.

Primarily, they assist them with nearshore staffing roles: designers, developers, call centres, sales, finance, and administrative positions.

As per GoodFirms’ reviewers, they have a team that enables their clients to make more profitable decisions based on extensive research, which endows Remote Team Solutions to be among United States’ top BPO companies in GoodFirms listings.

Further, Pedro talked about the client’s satisfaction rate of 100% with five-star ratings on dedicated platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch platforms. He added that the company’s dedicated team strives to fulfil the client’s business requirements by  complying with the following factors:

  • Client-centric attitude
  • Value proposition
  • Top-notch quality support services
  • On-time delivery
  • A result-oriented approach

The company utilises multiple communication channels to keep its clients frequently updated on the project’s ongoing process or any other issues & queries. The team communicates with them through Zoom, email, or phone.

Plus, Pedro mentioned the payment structure is on a milestone basis and also depends on the type of project. The time duration could be in phases, months, versions, etc. He added that the company’s minimum budget requirement is $1,450 per month, which is the lowest. The rates include employees’ 45 hours per week, equipment cost, office space, HR-related expenses, payroll, and other general expenses.

In addition to the budget-related questions, Pedro revealed that in 2021 the company’s highest project price was approximately $60,000 per month.

Lastly, he mentioned the Remote Team’s vision for the next ten years. The company wants its employees to be more passionate about providing more successful offshore & nearshore staffing solutions by building the most suitable remote teams for clients worldwide.

The detailed interview with Pedro A. Barboglio Murra is available on GoodFirms.

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