Human resources (HR) is arguably the most fundamental function of any organization. Businesses grow effectively when they have the right people in their teams. At Remote Team Solutions, we deliver top-notch HR services to help our clients scale and find success in the market. For this reason, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been listed on The Manifest as one of the most reviewed HR providers globally!

To celebrate this award, let’s have a quick look at when we started our journey in this space leading to this milestone:

In 2014:

Pedro Barboglio established Remote Team Solutions to guide businesses, mainly startups, to conquer their respective industries. With a focus on saving more than 60% on employee wage and benefit costs, he helped many companies find success through cost-effective HR solutions. Today, we’re a trusted partner to many organizations all over the world.

In 2016:

Now Prop Preservation LLC, a real estate company, hired us to recruit talents that they needed to accomplish their back-office data entry tasks. Since working with us, the client saw a 30%–40% increase in revenue.

The client’s 5-star review of our partnership was a huge factor in putting us on The Manifest’s radar.

In 2021:

The Manifest names the top service providers in the HR industry, recognizing us as one of the most reviewed companies in 2021. We’re honored and grateful for this acknowledgment because it validates our drive and commitment to helping our clients grow and generate more revenue.

“It has been a great year; our team and clients keep growing, we keep receiving excellent reviews and feedback from our clients, and we’re now selected as one of the top firms globally. Looking at this makes me feel proud of our team. This reaffirmed their hard work, extraordinary commitment, great attitude, continuous improvement, and always striving to give the best service and quality.”

— Pedro Barboglio, Founder and CEO, Remote Team Solutions

You can earn more without having to compromise on your HR. Talk to us today to learn how!