Engineering Design Service

Building Remote Engineering Design Teams

The field of engineering is, without a doubt, expansive—encompassing everything from module design to commercial architecture. Given that the field is so sweepingly in-demand, we understand that companies all over the country are looking for ways to streamline their business, improve profitability, and maintain complete control of their projects from start to finish. But as these projects begin to grow in size, and companies’ employees are spread thin, they run the risk of missed deadlines, insufficient work, or spending beyond their budget. This predicament is Remote Team Solutions steps in to lend a helping hand—or several helping hands!

Our services provide your design firm or engineering company with a remote team comprised of skilled, educated professionals in the following areas of engineering focus:
















And more!

We give you the ability to assemble a handpicked remote engineering design team tailored to your specific field. Below is a list of just some of the industries that can benefit from Remote Team Solutions’ remote engineering design teams:


Technology Consultants


Science Organizations


Architecture Companies


Communication Agencies


Infrastructure Companies

If these types of establishments are in line with your company’s engineering needs, consider turning to Remote Team Solutions to build your very own remote engineering design team. Professionals in our network include remote architectural, AutoCad, and mechanical engineering designers. When you turn to us, there’s no shortage of experienced, certified specialists ready to get to work.

You may have tried outsourcing elements of your company’s work in the past, only to hit roadblocks that hindered your ability to get projects done the right way. Let’s explore a few ways that Remote Team Solutions is an offshore staffing resource above the rest.

What To Expect From Our Remote Engineering Design Teams

Whether you want us to help you find reliable individuals or you want to build a team yourself, you’ll be able to structure offshore engineering solutions just the way you want to. From a single specialist to a team handling the work of an entire department, our virtual engineering assistance options offer you a more efficient way to grow your business.

Skilled Employees

When you employ assistance through Remote Team Solutions, rest assured that no aspect of your project will hide behind a virtual wall; you have complete control in the hiring process. From conducting interviews to selecting like-minded individuals to be part of the team, you ensure that international borders do not compromise your company’s values or mission. Your offshore team of designers is also scalable, so you can continuously adjust personnel to grow with your business as you see fit.

A remote engineer we recruited working on a project from our La Laguna office.

Cost Reduction

By offshoring steps of your engineering projects, we can guarantee you’ll see substantial savings on your payroll expenses. There will be a cutback on transactional Human Resource function and turnover rate, equipping you with even more authority to carry out your company’s overall vision and budget requirements. We also stand by a “complete transparency” policy, which ensures everybody we partner with that there aren’t any hidden or hourly fees that lesser outsourcing companies may try to sneak into your contractual agreement. With us, it’s one monthly payment.

Why Remote Team Solutions?

Our remote engineer designers in La Laguna, Mexico, offer multiple advantages, including:

● No language barrier (English is the area’s second language)
● Comparable culture (Overlap in values)
● Same time zone (Engineering assistance lines up with your schedule)

Remote Team Solutions is sure to give you the ability to improve your business—whether you require a remote architectural designer, AutoCad designer, mechanical engineer designer, or an entire team to help you achieve your engineering organization’s goals.

Getting started is as easy as requesting a quote from our team, and from there, we can begin the process and see how we can exceed your expectations.