Remote Legal Assistants

Hire Remote Legal Assistants

We can help you hire virtual legal assistants that let you focus on developing strategies for your clients and comes with a variety of advantages for your business. Continue reading for a more in-depth look at how Remote Team Solutions can help cut down on overhead expenses and streamline productivity case after case.


Mergers & Acquisitions


Family Law


Employment Law


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And more!

Reduction in Costs

By leveraging  Remote Team Solutions, (as opposed to outsourcing steps of your legal process), you can achieve substantial savings on your payroll expenses. You’ll be able to cut back on transactional Human Resource functions, reduce employee turnover rate, and reap the benefits of our “complete transparency” policy. This practice ensures everyone we partner with that there are no hidden or hourly fees, but instead, just one simple monthly payment.

Why Remote Team Solutions?

Our remote legal assistants in La Laguna, Mexico, offer many advantages over other outsourcing companies, including:

● No language barrier (English is the second language)
● Comparable culture (Sharing your firm’s values)
● Same time zone (all virtual legal assistance lines up with your schedule)

Whether you’re looking for an individual remote legal assistant or to build an entire team to support you and your firm’s goals, Remote Team Solutions gives you the ability to do business better.

Getting started is as easy as requesting a quote from our team, and from there, we can begin the process and see how we can exceed your expectations.

What To Expect From Our Remote Paralegal and Legal Assistants

Our remote legal assistants can provide administrative, paralegal, and bookkeeping services for your business, as you structure your offshore legal assistant team just the way you need it. From a single dedicated specialist to offshoring an entire department’s operations to a large group of virtual professionals, our virtual legal assistance options offer you a smarter way to transform your business.

 Your Team & Your Culture

When you hire a virtual legal assistant with us, no aspect of your workforce is behind a faceless veil; you have complete control of the hiring process. From conducting interviews to hand-selecting individuals that share the same principles you and your business do, you ensure that international borders don’t restrict your policies and protocols. You also have the flexibility and capability to grow your offshore team of legal assistants along with your firm.