Medical Processing Team

Your Remote Medical Processing Team

In a hospital setting, making sure that the patients who are coming through have the proper coverage to receive treatment is essential. While most medical offices are small, you could have a remote medical processing team that will handle the billing and cross-checking of insurance and payments for your practice. While this might sound like you are outsourcing your medical processing, know that despite being in another country, you still have full autonomy over these operations. Remote Team Solutions’ role in this process is helping you find the right people for the job, and then taking care of all HR transactions, office space, and other logistical concerns that come with staffing.

When you offshore your medical billing as opposed to outsourcing, you can build an entire team of skilled and dedicated employees who can handle every aspect of your medical processing. Located conveniently in La Laguna, we can find hundreds of highly educated employees looking to join your medical processing team on a remote basis. Offshore medical processing will benefit your practice by not only reducing your labor costs but giving you a leg up on finding employees to help with medical billing in places other practices may not be looking.

What Makes This Different From Medical Process Outsourcing?

What we offer are not solutions for medical outsourcing, but effective ways of finding the right candidates for your remote medical processing team. While outsourcing means a third party would be overseeing your medical processing, offshoring means you are still the one in charge of making all the decisions involved, and the employees that we help to hire will still be reporting directly to you. With a location so close to the U.S. border and in the Central Standard Time Zone, communicating with your remote team – and even visiting the remote headquarters – is no burden at all! It’s a much more favorable process for you than outsourcing your medical billing would be.

Instead of having a doctor handle all of the medical processing, hire us to recruit a team for you.

Why You Should Build a Remote Medical Processing Team With Us?

Located conveniently in La Laguna, Remote Team Solutions is in close proximity to more than 50 universities and 40 technical schools, which means that there are many highly skilled workers looking to enter the medical processing field to choose from. Out of these candidates, our process of hiring involves rigorous background checks and cross-references, all while giving you the final say on who ultimately gets hired. Since we are not outsourcing your medical solutions, and are instead offshoring labor, you still have full control over this segment of your practice!

If you are looking to put together a quality remote medical processing team to help verify your patients’ insurances and payments, Remote Team Solutions can help you find all of the best candidates. With a location that several Fortune 500 companies have trusted for offshore labor, you can feel assured that you are getting the best options possible with us. To see how Remote Team Solutions can exceed your hiring expectations, request a quote from us today, and get started with building your new hard-working medical processing team.