Revolutionizing Customer Care Excellence: The Strategic Partnership between Saela and Remote Team Solutions

Want to transform your customer experience? Contact us now to see the impact of the right partnership.

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Revolutionizing Customer Care Excellence: The Strategic Partnership between Saela and Remote Team Solutions

Want to transform your customer experience? Contact us now to see the impact of the right partnership.


In pursuit of ranking among the top 10 pest control companies in the USA, Saela embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize their customer experience. Through a strategic alliance with Remote Team Solutions, Saela constructed a multidisciplinary team in Mexico. This team comprised of Customer Care Representatives, Outbound Representatives, Customer Service Representatives, a Customer Service Supervisor, Digital Agents, Inbound Inside Sales Secretaries, Lead Management Specialists, Retention Specialists, and Sales Development Representatives. This strategic move unleashed unparalleled potential, setting new benchmarks for customer care excellence and propelling Saela into the top 25 Pest Control companies in the USA.

THE CHALLENGE: Unifying Global Customer Care Operations

Saela had existing customer service teams spread across in the USA, Bolivia, and India. With the goal in mind to become one of the top 10 pest control companies, Saela knew that to realize this vision they will need an exceptional customer service team. Recognizing the strategic advantage of consolidating and streamlining their operations in a location that shared their time zone, cultural nuances, and was within easy reach for in-person management visits, they set their sights on Mexico.

Saela recognized that achieving this ambitious plan required a trusted partner. They found this in Remote Team Solutions, a company equipped to help them build, staff, and manage their multidisciplinary team as well as office space. The objective was to establish a robust team in Mexico, readily accessible for on-site visits, to drive rapid growth and elevate their customer experience operations to unprecedented levels.

The Solution: A Dynamic Nearshore Partnership with Remote Team Solutions

Saela and Remote Team Solutions embarked on a trial phase, comprising four customer service representatives and one team leader. This initial phase swiftly highlighted the invaluable benefits of nearshore operations – geographical proximity, native English proficiency, cultural alignment, and bilingual speakers who could effectively cater to a broader Latino customer base.

As the partnership thrived, Saela recognized Remote Team Solutions as a unique asset, an agency that consistently exceeded their needs and expectations. The nearshore model emerged as a game-changer, enabling Saela to optimize resources, enhance communication, and uphold exceptional service levels. Acknowledging the significant value Remote Team Solutions brought to their operations, Saela strategically decided to transition all their remote teams from India and Bolivia, solidifying a lasting partnership with the nearshore experts and expanding their team roles to encompass all the positions outlined in the introduction.

Remote Team Solutions played a crucial role in propelling Saela’s growth trajectory. Their Information Technology and Infrastructure team ensured seamless connectivity, while their support staff facilitated regular visits by Saela’s leadership to Mexico, fostering robust relationships and effective communication. Moreover, Remote Team Solutions’ HR, Talent Development, and Talent Acquisition teams committed themselves to providing Saela with access to top-tier professionals with native English proficiency.

This partnership allowed Saela to concentrate on their business growth and objectives, while Remote Team Solutions managed critical support functions such as payroll, legal compliance, IT, staffing, and office management, effectively extending Saela’s workforce. The HR and Talent Development department at Remote Team Solutions focused their efforts on employee motivation and integration, fostering a collaborative environment and a shared sense of purpose. They were instrumental in making the team members feel like an integral part of the Saela family.

This successful collaboration enabled Saela’s leadership to maintain regular, in-person interactions with their team in Mexico, reinforcing strong bonds and fostering effective communication.

Results Achieved: Becoming one of the top-notch pest control companies in the USA

The strategic alliance with Remote Team Solutions enabled Saela to leverage a nearshore staffing strategy, assembling a multidisciplinary team of 37 highly skilled professionals across eight distinct roles. This strategic move was instrumental in propelling Saela into the ranks of the top 25 pest control companies in the USA amidst a sprawling field of over 30,000 contenders nationwide.

This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to Saela’s commitment to excellence, bolstered by the unwavering support of Remote Team Solutions. As a testament to their enhanced capabilities, Saela now manages over 2,500 calls daily, impressing clients with their exceptional service and leaving an indelible mark.

Saela’s prowess is evident not only in their impressive management of over 2,500 calls daily but also in their ability to consistently deliver exceptional service that resonates with clients, thereby significantly enhancing client retention rates. This success radiates beyond their immediate operations, solidifying Saela’s position as a premier player in the pest control realm. By rising above the competition and securing a spot among the top 25, Saela has etched its name indelibly within the industry’s elite circle.

The partnership between Saela and Remote Team Solutions extends beyond the realm of customer service transformation. It embodies a shared dedication to pushing boundaries, exceeding expectations, and embracing innovation. With this remarkable achievement, Saela stands poised to inspire, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the pest control domain.

Conclusion: Unlock Your Potential with Remote Team Solutions

The triumphant journey of Saela and Remote Team Solutions underscores the potency and advantages of a well-executed nearshore staffing strategy, particularly when partnered with a top-tier nearshore staffing agency. The essence of this successful collaboration is rooted in the shared values between Saela and Remote Team Solutions, forging a robust partnership anchored in mutual trust. Both entities are committed to a vision of customer care excellence and an unwavering dedication to talent optimization.

Don’t let your business potential remain untapped. Experience the transformative power of a strategic partnership like Saela did with Remote Team Solutions. Contact us now and set your business on a trajectory toward unparalleled success!

Join our growing network of clients who've unlocked success with the power of nearshore staffing in Mexico.

Join our growing network of clients who've unlocked success with the power of nearshore staffing in Mexico.

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