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3 Tips for Effective Meetings in Virtual Environments

Most businesses are now operating from a remote standpoint as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, making it all the more essential to adjust to virtual meetings for the foreseeable future. At Remote Team Solutions, we have some insight as to how to effectively accomplish your duties in such an environment, whether that be increasing productivity or communicating with workers in different locations.

If you are a client-serving business, you may have hosted video chats already, and it might not have been the smoothest transition. When it comes to virtual meetings, there are plenty of platforms to host them; the question is how to get the most out of them. Read on and watch the following video for a few tips on how to make sure your virtual meetings run smoothly.


Remember Proper Video Call Etiquette


It should go without saying, but whenever you have the opportunity to have the meeting via video instead of over the phone, you should seize it. While some may already be in the habit of taking video calls, it may be new to others. Taking a video call means you have to follow a set of etiquette rules, such as knowing when to keep your microphone muted and managing connectivity issues. Refer to the following infographic for more details:

Avoid Multitasking

When taking a call from your computer, it is much easier to be checking things in the background, such as the status of other projects and emails that are coming through. While you might initially find this to be productive, it detracts you from the purpose of the meeting and can result in missing out on important information, as well as disrespecting others on the call. Your focus during video conferences should solely be on those in the conference, so try to block out anything else and return to it afterward.

Allow Yourself to Be Personable

While you are meeting to talk business, having some level of “face-to-face” interaction with your clients can go a long way. Before the meeting starts, or even if there is a lull while one of your team members is getting something ready to share, ask about how things are going on their end and make small talk. It might seem trivial, but it can go a long way toward clearer communication when you can’t meet in person and can build stronger relationships.

The ability to navigate a virtual meeting successfully is a skill that all verticals need, and Remote Team Solutions can help you find workers who are well-versed in these skills. Whether you need remote engineers or offshore designers, we can help you build a virtual staff at our location in La Laguna, Mexico, and give you tips on how to manage a remote working environment. For more information, contact Remote Team Solutions today!

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