As a leading service for finding qualified remote virtual assistants, Remote Team Solutions understands that managing a team that doesn’t share the same office (or, in some cases, the same country) presents a unique set of hurdles. When each member of your team works from home, maintaining communication and managing projects from a distance is best achieved by taking advantage of the right digital tools. Here are a few actionable steps you can take to improve productivity and sustain a healthy business.

Conduct Daily or Weekly Meetings

While messaging platforms and email chains are optimal for projects or tasks shared between a few key members, it’s essential to set aside time for every team member to be present and accounted for. This meeting can consist of each member giving a brief response to the following questions:

  • What tasks have you completed since the previous meeting?
  • What are you working on until the next meeting?
  • What do you need from other team members or departments?

Keeping this practice consistent will help your members stay connected and, ultimately, achieve goals faster.

Centralize Essential Information

By hosting information on an online portal with real-time updates, all members can access accurate information at the same time. They can also leave notes, comments, and messages regarding time-sensitive matters. Having this centralized database will help your remote employees stay productive and waste less time searching for the information they need.

Not only that, but it also fosters collaboration between teams as they can share feedback and leave comments directly. This point directly ties into our next tip:

Utilize Project Management Tools

A significant challenge of remote team management is keeping track of each member’s tasks and deadlines. Keep these factors in mind when setting the standard of success for your remote team:

  • Outlining concrete processes for each project and role.
  • Ensuring agreed-upon deadlines are set in advance.
  • Determining a management approach that empowers your team to get more done.

Encourage Members to Follow a Similar Routine

When your team is working remotely, it can be challenging to maintain the same level of productivity as you might expect from an office or in-person setting. With that in mind, encourage your remote employees to follow a similar routine that they would take in a face-to-face collaborative environment.

From a management perspective, you can help structure this by offering designated lunch hours or coffee breaks. That way, you ensure your remote team isn’t getting burned out and that they are readily available for timely response and quality work when all other employees are, as well!

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