When offshoring first became part of the corporate world, most companies would offshore lower-end positions overseas to take advantage of the savings in place of hiring in-house employees. With positions such as support, data entry, and IT being outsourced with little regard to timezones, it was a relatively simple solution to get behind. However, companies have started to change tactics as remote work has become more widespread — especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Industries could utilize a more diverse array of candidates to fill specific roles when shortages of qualified domestic candidates became the norm. Executives could easily hire experienced remote web design teams to meet their needs and company culture without sacrificing quality.

Finding Qualified Candidates

Finding potential team members for your in-house web developers or hiring graphic designers has become a much more competitive process in the United States. With a wealth of positions available and not enough qualified candidates to fill them, companies have to resort to one-upping each other during the recruitment process to sway these candidates to join their team.

Companies want to find a middle ground to maximize their cost savings and still bring in top-tier candidates from the talent pool. Thanks to nearshoring, they have access to a vast pool of candidates who live in the same time zone, are from a neighboring country with similar customs, and can respond to problems more quickly than an employee would in a different time zone.

Wide Range of Skills

Opening up your hiring pool to a broader network means you can address areas of your business that have been lacking recently. You can find more candidates with the skills to join your software development team that has been vetted by an experienced staffing agency and become available to fill your open positions.

Significantly Reduce Turnover Rate

When industries first delved into offshoring solutions for their staffing needs, they chose positions that they didn’t value as highly. Things like turnover rate weren’t treated with the same respect as the in-house positions because executives didn’t see those positions as providing significant added value to the business.

However, with more people working remotely, remote web developers, project management teams, and more give these companies the value they were looking for. These remote teams work hard and have shown the parent companies the necessary skills to help drive down employee turnover and maintain consistency.

The Importance of Picking an Experienced Nearshore Staffing Agency

As with the staffing of any position in your company, finding the right candidates for the open positions remains essential. Long-term roles require having the ability to find employees that fit well within the organization, the team they’ll join, and the overall values of your company. While you may have an in-house recruiting and human resources department, they may not have the experience vetting nearshore candidates as they do with local talent.

Partnering with an agency like Remote Team Solutions can help your company bridge the gap and find the nearshore candidates that are most likely to boost your team. We have extensive experience pairing talented professionals based in Mexico with American companies looking for nearshore talent. We work closely with our clients throughout the hiring process to find the talent that fits their needs and company culture.

Choose Us as an Extension of Your HR Department

Our team acts as a natural extension of your internal HR department. We help you identify the types of candidates that can grow within a particular role and flourish as part of your team. Additionally, since you are an active participant in the hiring process, you can identify any candidates that don’t fit your vision for the role and replace them with new candidates more geared towards what you’re looking for. We’ve helped countless companies find qualified candidates for open positions in finance, personal assistants, law compliance personnel, sales representatives, and many more.

If you have wanted to explore bringing in nearshore talent to augment your teams, let Remote Team Solutions help! We have a proven track record of finding the best nearshore talent for companies looking to expand their remote teams. Contact us to learn more about our process today!