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How to Effectively Scale Your Nearshore Team For Any Project

For businesses looking to increase their teams’ size with the addition of nearshore employees, you’ll want to ensure you can appropriately scale the influx of talent. Every project has different requirements for your team, and you want to have them set up to succeed. Whether you only bring on one nearshore team member, like an executive assistant, or a full remote web design team, setting your business up for success requires the right processes and tools in place to keep everyone in one cohesive unit.

Infographic explaining how to effectively scale nearshore teams

Get The Right Communication Tools

One of the biggest questions business owners who are new to remote work must answer is how to keep your nearshore employees and the rest of your in-house team on the same page. With the right communication protocols in place, you can keep every member of your team in constant communication while creating a similar environment found within the office. By offering your team direct lines of communication with each other, they can address issues quickly and ask the necessary questions to keep the project moving forward.


Make Sure You’re Getting The Right Talent

By adopting a nearshore talent acquisition strategy, you open your organization up to a broader talent pool. However, this greater selection of talent also means that you have to adopt a new approach to the hiring process to find the perfect fit for your expanding team. When you begin looking through resumes to find your next junior developer, you’ll need a new frame of reference for whether or not they will be the right fit for your upcoming projects. With Remote Team Solutions’ help, you can find the kind of talent that fits your needs and can thrive in a remote environment.


Make the Onboarding Process Smooth and Informative

Bringing new team members into your company can prove difficult if your onboarding process isn’t doing its part. During onboarding, you can set clear expectations for what you expect from your new employees. You also gain the ability to make them feel comfortable with the rest of the team and get them more engaged with their work. With a well-designed onboarding process, you can ensure that every new remote employee feels that same sense of camaraderie that your local in-house employees share.

If you are looking to scale your business through a remote nearshore team but do not know where to start, Remote Team Solutions can help! Our team specializes in finding you the perfect talent fit for whatever projects you have coming up and ensuring that the nearshore talent you’re bringing in is right for your operations. Contact us to learn more about our process today!

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