How Remote Executive Assistants Can Improve Your Productivity

Remote Executive Assistants

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When running a business, you have multiple high-leverage tasks that you have to complete throughout your day. If you tried to meet every one of these tasks on top of your other responsibilities running the company, you would never get any work done, and the business would suffer as a result. It’s why you need reliable executive assistants on hand to help take some of the tasks off of your plate. However, sometimes you can’t have an executive assistant in-house. Thanks to the rise of working remotely, you can begin hiring virtual assistants to supplement your team.

Benefits of a Full-Time Remote Assistant VS a Virtual Assistant

On the surface, remote and virtual assistants appear to serve the same purpose. They help you keep track of your busy schedule and keep timelines on point. However, how they go about their jobs and how many clients they work with directly impacts how they integrate into your team.

When you consider bringing a remote executive assistant onto your team, you’ll want to understand what they will be bringing to the table. There is a slew of benefits that come with adding a remote assistant to your team, including:

Infographic expalining benefits of hiring a remote executive assistant.

  • Have Their Undivided Attention: There are some services out there that give you a virtual assistant; however, that assistant can simultaneously work with multiple companies. When you get a full-time virtual assistant with Remote Team Solutions’ help, that assistant is your virtual assistant and yours alone. You get the opportunity to screen and interview the candidates and pick the one that fits your needs best.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: With a remote executive assistant through Remote Team Solutions, you get all benefits of having someone you trust and hand-select to help out without worrying about the costs associated with covering their benefits, paid time off, and the associated taxes. We have that covered for you.
  • Increased Productivity: As many businesses have found out over the past year, employees operating in a fully remote environment tend to have increased their overall productivity. Without the distractions of office life, they have more time to focus on their tasks and get more done in the same 8 hour day.
  • Limited Risk During Scaling: For businesses in a state of transition, virtual assistants can be the perfect bridge. If your business appears on the cusp of making the leap, bringing on a contracted virtual executive assistant can balance getting you the help you need without having to break the bank and potentially cause disruptions in your scaling processes.
  • Pick The Skills You Need: As your business grows, you need to bring in talent to supplement your team with skills they may lack. With your remote executive assistant, you take the time in the interview process to find the candidates with the specific skills you need to help bring your company forward.

Take The Plunge, Get Your Remote Executive Assistant

With Remote Team Solutions’ help, you can find the remote executive assistant that best fits your company. We can help identify top candidates that match your specific criteria and help you sift through the choices to make an informed decision. Need more than executive assistants for your team? We can also help you hire designers to fill out your remote team!

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