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Why Should You Offshore Your Business in Mexico?

While most companies look to offshore their labor into countries such as China, the Philippines, or India, one of the most advantageous places to build a remote staff is in Mexico. Remote Team Solutions specializes in offshore team building, and through our experience bringing in remote networks from several companies, we have seen the benefits of having a team of highly-skilled workers in Mexico contributing to your business. If you’re on the fence deciding whether or not to bring your remote team to Mexico, consider the following advantages that this location has on some of the other options.

Increased Labor for Lower Costs
Based on multiple studies, including one conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, the cost of wages to pay remote staff in Mexico as opposed to China is a significantly better bargain when factoring in the labor productivity levels you find Mexico. There is also a lower employee turnover rate in Mexico, which means you won’t have to spend time training new employees as frequently.


Offshore, But Close to Home
Perhaps the best part about offshoring in Mexico is that you can travel to your off-site location much more comfortably than you could with Eastern Asian countries. Remote Team Solutions hosts remote sites in close proximity to the Texas border – so a trip to check in on everything is a short plane ride away! The proximity of the location to the United States also allows goods and services to be transferred to the U.S. easier than you would from overseas! Best yet, with the culture being so similar and the time zone running on Central Standard Time, the transition to the offshore site is a smooth one!


Higher Education Among Labor Force
Remote Team Solutions is located in La Laguna, one of the country’s five leading educational cities. With over 50 universities and 40 technical schools, as well as globally accredited university, the area produces some of the most experienced and highly skilled employees in the country. You get all the benefits we’ve already listed without sacrificing any reliability or experience in your workforce.


As a Top Business Service Provider as recognized by Clutch, Remote Team Solutions offers companies the best solutions for offshore staffing in multiple industries. To learn more about how offshoring can benefit your business, request a quote online today!

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