EMPOWERING Collaboration and Talent Diversity

Eager to tap into a broader talent pool? Contact us and witness the impact of partnering with Mexico’s top staffing agency.

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EMPOWERING Collaboration and Talent Diversity

Eager to tap into a broader talent pool? Contact us and witness the impact of partnering with Mexico’s top staffing agency.


In today’s interconnected business landscape, companies recognize the power of remote teams in driving talent diversity and fostering collaboration.

This success story showcases the transformative partnership between Engine by MoneyLion and Remote Team Solutions (RTS), which enabled Engine to unlock unique skill sets in analytics and finance and cultivate a collaborative team environment despite geographical differences.

Moreover, Engine by MoneyLion leveraged its budget wisely to be able to expand its talent pool.


Engine by MoneyLion embarked on a mission to find a staffing agency that could cater to a broad range of profiles beyond just technology and engineering; they needed an agency with a diverse skill set and capabilities.

They understood the value of having a strong agency that could act as their partner providing expertise and assistance in several areas to help propel their business forward. Recognizing that their needs extended beyond technical requirements, Engine by MoneyLion sought a remote agency with a diverse skill set and capabilities.

Their aim was to build a collaborative ecosystem where individuals from diverse locations could seamlessly collaborate and thrive as a unified team. The agency needed to align with the time zone of Engine’s US offices to ensure real-time collaboration and be close enough to have the opportunity for their remote team to travel for corporate events each year.


In their quest, Engine discovered the ideal partner in Remote Team Solutions (RTS), renowned for their expertise in remote staffing solutions. This transformative partnership enabled Engine to access a broader talent pool, specifically targeting individuals with exceptional skills in analytics and finance.

Through strategic collaboration with RTS, Engine successfully onboarded more than 10 talented professionals, who quickly became integral members of the organization. These individuals brought fresh perspectives, expertise, and a passion for driving Engine’s business forward.

Beyond talent acquisition, Engine’s partnership with RTS extended to fostering collaboration and talent development through the unique RTS Internship Training program. This initiative facilitated internships for college students from MX universities, providing valuable experiences to students while offering mentorship opportunities to more tenured employees. Engine provided detailed job descriptions and required skills to RTS, which then passed this information to partner universities.

The universities, in turn, selected appropriate career paths and top students who demonstrated the potential to meet Engine’s needs. If any of the students lacked required skills not covered in their coursework, specialized training sessions were arranged, ensuring each candidate was fully equipped for their roles. Once trained, Engine interviewed these handpicked students and selected the best fits. Notably, the universities also enabled these students to undertake the internships full-time, contributing directly to their graduation credits.

Thus, the RTS Internship Training program fostered a dynamic and supportive work environment while guaranteeing the best candidates for Engine, thereby providing an enriched internship experience beyond traditional talent acquisition.


The results of Engine’s partnership with RTS have been remarkable. By tapping into a diverse talent pool, as well as managing its budget strategically, Engine was able to build an extensive and wellprepared team, who injected their organization with unique perspectives and expertise in analytics and finance, empowering them to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions.

The collaborative team environment nurtured by RTS played a pivotal role in Engine’s success story. Despite geographical distances, remote team members seamlessly collaborated, communicated, and executed projects as a unified force and as an extension of Engine´s team in Mexico. This not only enhanced productivity but also fostered a spirit of camaraderie and shared achievements.

Furthermore, Engine’s involvement with RTS fueled both organizational and talent growth. By leveraging internship opportunities, which are leading to unstoppable success growth within a business field, and mentorship experiences, Engine contributed to the development of the next generation of professionals while also benefiting from their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm.


Engine by MoneyLion’s partnership with Remote Team Solutions proved to be a crucial factor in Engine’s continued success, as it allowed them to tap into a diverse talent pool, drive innovation and stretch their budget to get more talent. By leveraging RTS’s expertise in remote staffing, Engine expanded its capabilities in analytics, compliance, and finance, gaining a competitive edge in the market. Engine also has created a collaborative and robust team environment that transcended geographical boundaries, fostering productivity, and shared achievements.

In addition, Engine contributed to the development of future professionals while benefiting from their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm. As Engine continues to evolve, its partnership with RTS remains a vital component of its ongoing success, allowing them to harness talent diversity, drive innovation, and achieve exceptional outcomes while optimizing its budget.

Want to elevate your business with diverse talent and innovative solutions? Partner with the best, as Engine by MoneyLion did with Remote Team Solutions. Contact us now and set your business on a trajectory toward unparalleled success!

Join our growing network of clients who've unlocked success with the power of nearshore staffing in Mexico.

Join our growing network of clients who've unlocked success with the power of nearshore staffing in Mexico.

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