Remote Team Solutions prides itself on its team’s ability to deliver exceptional outsourcing solutions. We focus on building great teams for great companies. We provide every aspect of employee management, recruiting, and human resource functions to help you start, scale, and run your offshore and nearshore remote team. Today, we’re happy to share that we’re featured as a top company on The Manifest. In their latest list, we’re named among the most-reviewed global PEO companies.

“It has been a great year; our team and clients keep growing, we keep receiving excellent reviews and feedback from our clients, and now been selected as one of the global top PEO firms.  Looking at this makes me feel proud of our team. This reaffirmed their hard work, extraordinary commitment, great attitude, continuous improvement, and dedication to deliver service and quality.” — CEO, Remote Team Solutions

Indeed, we wouldn’t have been here without the support of our partners. BM Solutions is an IT consulting firm that hired us for HR solutions. The client needed to expand its team to increase sales capabilities, but its budget was limited given the global pandemic aftermath. Because of the cost-effectiveness that we offer, they chose to entrust us with this undertaking.

“They actually listen and present great solutions. They are accessible and willing to be as flexible as we require. I talked with many outsourcing companies, but RTS stands out a lot since I can see how happy their workers actually are, and how they feel an actual part of our company, not just numbers.” — Barry Hornak, CEO, BM Solutions

Discover more about our notable partnerships by reading through the updated list on The Manifest. For inquiries about our offerings, please reach out to us today!