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Can A Remote Team Be A True Extension of My In-House Team?

How well a remote nearshore team will integrate with the established company culture remains one of the most important questions business owners ask themselves. They have created an environment that has driven success and has come to define the organization on the whole. Some fear that adding a team that does not interact with the in-house team face-to-face would mean they would lose that identity. Bringing in a team of graphic designers from abroad can at first seem like a gamble in regards to company culture fit. However, thanks to how Remote Team Solutions goes about the staffing process, you don’t have to worry!

Infographic explaining how Remote Team Solutions helps find nearshore team members.

Carefully Consider Every Candidate

We understand that companies take every precaution to thoroughly vet and interview every candidate who comes through their doors to ensure that they are fit for the company’s position and culture. With Remote Team Solutions, we apply that same approach and attention to detail to filling out your nearshore team. We’ll work with you to understand the qualities you look for in employees and ensure that every member of the nearshore team meets those standards and expectations.

Through a series of skill, psychometric, ethics, and integrity tests, we’ll take the time to select only the best candidates for the open positions on your nearshore team. We’ll ensure that every candidate is adequately vetted for the right experience and culture fit. If you have specific tests or guidelines that you normally include in the hiring process, we can apply those steps as well! Still, if you are worried about being too hands-off about your potential employees, you can take an active role in the interview process!

A Collaborative Interview Process

An essential aspect of bringing in new talent is keeping the interview process clear, transparent, and rigorous. The interview stage remains where companies can get to know potential hires and get a better feel for if they will fit into your business’s established culture. So as we begin to interview potential members of your nearshore team, we’ll put them through your approved interview practices. When we determine which of those candidates best match your specific qualifications, we set up a Zoom interview. Here you can ask candidates specific questions and get a better feel for their personality and potential fit within your company culture. You have the opportunity to be an active part of the interview process, so your voice can be heard throughout the interviews.

Culture Clash? Not With Remote Team Solutions!

One of the potential pitfalls of outsourcing a team focuses on potential culture clashes. Eastern and Western cultures have many possible areas where they can clash, and the work suffers. However, thanks to our approach to bringing in nearshore candidates, you can rest assured knowing that the candidates we present to you are all local to Mexico and have the same Western work ethic that has defined the American workforce for generations.

When you decide to expand your company to include a nearshore team, you want to take the time to ensure that they fit into your company’s culture and operate as a valid extension of your business. However, thanks to Remote Team Solutions’ approach to staffing your nearshore team, whether you are hiring virtual assistants, engineers, designers, or whatever your team needs, we’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure the team fits in with your culture.

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