What 2021 Holds For Businesses and Remote Teams

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2021 has seen the entire business world flipped upside down. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to rage across the globe, businesses have changed how they approach remote work. As more companies have embraced the idea of remote teams working through various projects with great success, companies approach the new year looking for what comes next. As the proposed vaccines get approval and widespread distribution, will we see companies go back to a more traditional workplace model? Or will we see companies continue to embrace remote work and look to invest in more nearshore remote teams for their future projects?

With businesses looking at medical outsourcing solutions, among other remote team options, seeing what 2021 holds across various industries will provide an exact look at how remote teams will continue to offer benefits to companies across the board.

A More Efficient Tomorrow

The following infographic provides a brief overview of some trends we should be on the lookout for in 2021:

Infographic showing some of the trends for remote work heading into 2021.

As companies have been forced to adapt to remote work, they have seen various improving and emerging technologies that have made working remotely a much more efficient proposition for companies. As seen with Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack for $27.7 billion, businesses are investing in technologies that are making communication easier for remote teams — both with each other and with on-site teams. As these technologies continue to develop and see significant investments, companies will continue to embrace the virtual work environment and give these remote teams more autonomy.

Increased Need for Remote Staffing Professionals

Some companies may not have experience finding the right intangibles for their nearshore team. They may lack the necessary tools and resources to recruit the talent they need to properly flesh out their remote team. By partnering with a nearshore remote staffing agency such as Remote Team Solutions, businesses can make the right decisions with their nearshore staffing needs. As more companies embrace the remote working environment, we will be here to help them find the talent that fits best within their organizational culture and fill their team as a natural extension of their current team.

Is your company looking to fill out a nearshore remote team with experienced workers, ranging from junior developers to engineering design professionals? If so, contact Remote Team Solutions so we can find the right employees to make your nearshore operations as efficient as possible in 2021!

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