Modern businesses have many different avenues where they generate their sales and profits. Usually, they have an in-house person handle the invoicing and keep track of all of the data as it comes into the business. However, as more companies shift away from traditional paper billing and adopt more technologically-based invoice tracking systems, tech-savvy invoicing teams become increasingly essential. By partnering with Remote Team Solutions, we can help you find the right remote invoicing team for you and your business!

Transitioning From Manual to Digital

The traditional methodology of processing invoices dealt with handling printed physical copies and inputting the system’s information. The analog version of tracking invoices requires an onsite team to do the processing, but with more companies embracing a digital future, the need for these onsite positions has decreased. For those enterprising companies, employing a nearshore team of invoicing professionals can help streamline the invoicing process and improve productivity across the board.

Here are some of the ways that your team can benefit from shifting towards a fully digital and nearshore invoice team:

Infographic explaining why nearshore invoicing helps businesses.

How the Process Evolved

The digital version of invoice management centers on updating the accounts receivable department’s tools. Most businesses have relied on the utility of programs like Microsoft Excel to track invoices and the associated numbers. However, Excel doesn’t have the proper functionality and scalability, with more enterprises adopting more complex digital invoicing methods and remote work sensibilities.

More responsive and adaptable services allow invoice specialists to go through the numbers and sift through the data more efficiently. The remote invoicing specialists that we will staff your nearshore team with have the experience of working within this new digital invoicing system and delivering the kind of results you expect and deserve.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from Nearsourced Invoicing?

The best part of nearshore invoicing is the versatility of the service. A wide range of industries can experience the benefits of these teams and services in the long run. For instance, hospitals can outsource medical billings to these invoice specialists, take the savings from having an onsite team, and reallocate the funding to different departments in need. Any business that relies on eCommerce sales can benefit from having a fully staffed team of nearshore invoice specialists on the team to help.

Are you interested in adding nearsource invoice specialists to your team? If so, contact Remote Team Solutions today to learn more about our process and how we can help your team!