To say that COVID-19 disrupted the way that most people do their jobs would be a vast understatement. A large percentage of companies were built on the premise that their employees would work from a central location with immediate access to their coworkers and bosses. However, with COVID-19 leading to states going into quarantine, companies had to adjust strategies on the fly and make their business model more remote-friendly. The following infographic explains how companies are making these adjustments:

As these companies begin to see the benefits of remote work and how their employees are responding to the present circumstances, they will have to consider whether or not a partially, if not wholly, remote strategy has merit. Throughout this process, they may consider incorporating additional remote members into their teams. Whether they are hiring a remote legal assistant or a remote architectural designer, the question for adding these new types of talent centers around one question; offshore or nearshore?


Nearshore is The Wave of the Future


Most companies possess a basic understanding of how offshoring works and how it could benefit their teams. However, recently there have been some drawbacks to offshoring in regards to language barriers, cultural differences, and, most of all, time zone differences.

For example, let’s say you are trying to create a new ad for your latest product or service. Attempting to navigate cultural differences, especially when it comes to your services’ intended target audience, has proven challenging to navigate. However, with a nearshore team in place, you have a team closer to your target audience. They have more exposure to the kind of ad copy that resonates with your target audience and can consistently deliver excellent work.

Navigating the differences in time zones also becomes more manageable because there isn’t an extreme difference between your base of operations and your nearshore team. By utilizing nearshoring, you get the benefits of having a team in the same time zone, and you don’t need to worry about long lag times between when an issue arises and when someone on your nearshore team sees and addresses the issue.

If you are looking to augment your team with nearshore talent, including the industry’s top full-time designers, contact Remote Team Solutions today! We can help you determine how to best fill your team’s needs based on the projects you have in the pipeline.