Staff Augmentation VS Dedicated Team- Which is Better for Your Company?

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When you begin the process of looking for nearshore work for your company, you want to do your due diligence. You want to figure out what the projects’ parameters consist of, what the budget will be, and how exactly you want the project filled. You do have some options for building out your nearshore staffing needs. Two effective options are staff augmentation and a dedicated team, but which option is the better option for your company?


Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that involves contracting a company to hire out one or more team members to join your team for a specific project. It works best when you already have a team in place and need to fill in any potential skill-related gaps. This staffing solution is typically used on a project-by-project basis and is scalable based on your project’s needs.

The downside to staff augmentation is that the skills that you are bringing onto the project can be limited. If you have multiple areas of a project that need help and boosting, having various contractors can create hassles in communication and complicate the deliverables timetable.


Dedicated Team

Bringing in a dedicated nearshore team for your business has plenty of upside potential. A full team gives you access to different skill sets and positions to address your business’s differing needs. With Remote Team Solutions, you can find staffing solutions to fit within your budget and match the requirements of your company’s projects.

An added benefit of nearshoring a dedicated team comes in the realm of communication. Since it is one cohesive team that you are hiring as part of your company — and not a group of independent contractors — the lines of communication are already established, as they are an extension of your current team in the USA. Having these clear lines of communication within the nearshored team saves you team headaches from potential lapses in contact during the course of the project. Working in the same or similar time zones is an added bonus!

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